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had these pills withheld
for two weeks now
need to be happy
but can't recall how

even that angel up
on my shelf, it
can't keep me floating
when I'm so selfish

still lay orange orchids
over your grave
lost soul in colors
of infinite shades

like how a black eye
led me astray
a high green sky in
hidden yesterdays

two months of silence
had grown far too stale
though I forgot how to
let go and inhale

two weeks pass now with
few minutes I'd kill
pass fleeting happiness
chasing a treadmill

with two crippled minds
in worn out hands
been swimming in sweat
with mouthfuls of sand

let them slip and fall
in this ocean
I wish every dose
had felt this potent

flooding new graveyards
piercing red hearts
I'll relive each end
beginning to start

hostile cannibals
who mark our charts
poking at this flesh
'til we're torn apart

breaking every bone
their dream-like screams
louder than thunder
metallic lightning

believe you're sleeping
they'd pay no mind
your eyes pried open
the entire time

two would grow old with
diseases they've caught
let these yellowed bones
burn those cold thoughts

a psycho, saint and
child drink beer
reflected inside
this bathroom mirror

golden aura shines
though retinas sweat
you colored my nights
so never forget

this casket's indent
I swore I'd mend
trashing old pieces
and bruising loose ends

before the grey smoke
escaped red lips
her violet eyes
would beg for a kiss

beyond two decades
I've passed each test
the brain decays
in love nonetheless

two years of silence
had grown far too stale
though I forgot how to
let go and inhale

two months pass now with
few minutes to kill
pass fleeting happiness
chasing a treadmill

hearing your name's still
more intense than hell
I buried those feelings
deep beneath two pills

again I'd catch the blues
refuse to let memories
fade and die

flowers I'd bring for you
each time I see those two
aqua eyes

watch me throw you away
let it persist, witness
more grey skies

I can't tell night from day
today I forgave and
learned to love white lies

to my surprise

we're just too blind

two of a kind


from The Boxing Titan Spawns, released October 3, 2011
Coeus the Boxing Titan




Coeus the Boxing Titan Coleraine, Minnesota

Coeus the Boxing Titan is an independent, one-man electronic prog rock project in northern Minnesota, offering a more modern take on the Progressive and Industrial music genres. Coeus songs contain soaring atmospheric soundscapes with a gritty industrial edge, blending dozens of musical styles into a single entity; a unique, deranged, and melodic Titan who rocks your face off... slowly! ... more

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