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picture that we're both sane
trust these instincts again
our bodies lost in pain
black and red painted chains

but who'd have predicted this
never fled here worried
each evening we'd be born
but we'd die each morning

a phoenix
rose up from the sandbox

pit of this stomach burns
as charred feathers fall slow
floats through heaps of those dreams
hearts would never follow

supernatural thoughts
a big booze-induced trance
chase perfection for just
seconds of transcendence

a phoenix
rose up from the sandbox

too crushed to touch
true love's too much
rushed off in cuffs
is once enough?

smoke, wind and sin
in anything
wine glass half filled
pleads for meaning

feeds our belief in
this freedom demon
keep cutting feeling
til we see bleeding

alcohol floods for miles
roads paved in flames while
we're tossed into the wild
just flying while on fire

-outro chorus-
in hell, a bluebird's song
means more over the phone
we'd lay awake for days
listen in on dial tones

I'm a vulture on fire
dead rose in desert sand
through this breeze I'm reborn
as ashes in a wasteland


from The Boxing Titan Spawns, released October 3, 2011
Coeus the Boxing Titan




Coeus the Boxing Titan Coleraine, Minnesota

Coeus the Boxing Titan is an independent, one-man electronic prog rock project in northern Minnesota, offering a more modern take on the Progressive and Industrial music genres. Coeus songs contain soaring atmospheric soundscapes with a gritty industrial edge, blending dozens of musical styles into a single entity; a unique, deranged, and melodic Titan who rocks your face off... slowly! ... more

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