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the age of break-ups texts
drown in debts, gossip, sex
it's reflex, let's just bless
atheists, narcissists

stacked decks and second dates
infecting real with fake
love e-mails, lost details
reflection sealed that fate

cover the cuts we hide
inside sleeves filled with lies
wipe them sick off your streets
like the sleep in your eyes

some value these extremes
as cleansing the unclean
sadness, hate, happiness
but sometimes we feel nothing

when I think about that, baby
I lose my mind
my mind's like an asylum, maybe
but my hands are tied

even if the dead would sleep
or dreams could erase, this
brain wrapped up in white sheets
has me feeling racist

like light in the prism
scattered colors glisten
reflect the difference
or burn in our prisons

the lies our future speaks
horizons we've defined
let me piss on a piece
so I can call it mine

hide the pain like it's a
new stain on the carpet
hold that brain tight, you may
forget that we've lost it

when I think about that, baby
I lose my mind
our mind's like an asylum, maybe
but my hands are tied

wake up sober, grown and older
paralyzed and so much colder,
realized that you've hurt her

you're paranoid and introverted
annoyed or deserted, murdered

diagnosed and disordered
pills each day, like torture

remember today's abortion
was last night's endorphin


from The Boxing Titan Spawns, released October 3, 2011
Coeus the Boxing Titan




Coeus the Boxing Titan Coleraine, Minnesota

Coeus the Boxing Titan is an independent, one-man electronic prog rock project in northern Minnesota, offering a more modern take on the Progressive and Industrial music genres. Coeus songs contain soaring atmospheric soundscapes with a gritty industrial edge, blending dozens of musical styles into a single entity; a unique, deranged, and melodic Titan who rocks your face off... slowly! ... more

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