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easier to believe
searching for the right thing

whether it's love, smiles, trust,
the world or
waiting for the spring

don't know what
it is I'm
searching for

this ark's good
at sailing
far off course

still be wishing
it was something more
when I find it~
yeah, if I find it~

why can't I play god?
why can't I play god?
why can't I play god?
why can't I play

and at first the gods made
man and
then they gave us love

nothing's going quite to
plan when
there's noone you can trust

and I can't question
but I had hoped
it'd be more than this

pardon me for
my reluctance
I can't accept this
I won't accept this

-chorus x2-
why can't I play god?
why can't I play god?
why can't I play god?
why can't I play


from Insomniatic Myth, released May 18, 2012




Coeus the Boxing Titan Coleraine, Minnesota

Coeus the Boxing Titan is an independent, one-man electronic prog rock project in northern Minnesota, offering a more modern take on the Progressive and Industrial music genres. Coeus songs contain soaring atmospheric soundscapes with a gritty industrial edge, blending dozens of musical styles into a single entity; a unique, deranged, and melodic Titan who rocks your face off... slowly! ... more

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